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Nominating Procedure

The Pacific Southwest District will meet in convention on June 22 – 24, 2022 at Faith Middle and High School in Las Vegas, NV. One major item on the agenda will be the election of all who serve the district for the next triennium. Also elected are District Representatives on the Concordia University Board of Regents.

The District By-laws require that six months prior to the convention the secretary of the District will call for nominations from the congregations of the District. The nominations are received by the District Nominating Committee for preparation of the necessary ballots.

While the convention is still some months away, the nominating committee has been at work soliciting names of those who are willing to serve. Their efforts are the response to Resolution 02 passed by the 2009 District Convention:

To Improve the Nomination Process for District Officers:

WHEREAS a constant difficulty for District congregations is awareness of qualified leaders with the right gifts to serve on the various District elected offices, and

WHEREAS this difficulty results in a large percentage of congregations forfeiting their right and privilege of nomination, and

WHEREAS, the new structure of the District Nominating Committee has pastoral, commissioned and lay representation from each region of the District;

Therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the District Nominating Committee, beginning with the 2012 District Convention, be instructed to develop a list of suggested nominations with biographical information to present to congregations, along with the request for nominations. Each congregation would have such information available only to assist them in their deliberations over individuals for nomination and would in no way infringe upon the right to place into nomination anyone deemed qualified and willing to serve.

Individuals who have been contacted by the nominating committee and that have consented to their names being listed on the Potential Nominee’s List are available at the link below. These names are presented to our congregations for prayer and possible nomination. As stated in the Resolve above, congregations are also free to submit names which are not on this list.

Nominations are now open. Please pray for faithful leaders who will serve this next triennium.

2022 Nominating Committee for the Pacific Southwest District

Rev. Steven Borst, Chairman

On this page, you will find links to the overtures submission instructions, nomination forms, and resources to aid you in the nomination process. There are five online forms, one for each of the following: 

  • PSD President 

    • Two Nominations Per Congregation

    • Requires Both the online form and Linked Signature Form

  • PSD Vice President 

    • Congregations can only nominate a pastor from within their same region, use this link to view a list of pastors by region

    • Requires both the online form and Linked Signature Form

  • PSD Board of Director Positions

  • PSD Constitution Committee

  • CUI Board of Regents

You will need to submit a new form for each nomination. For each form, you will need to provide your contact information, the name of your Pastor and Congregational Secretary, as well as, the contact information of the person you are nominating. This information includes: 

  • Rostered Status (Ordained, Commissioned, or Lay)

  • First and Last Name

  • Name, City, and State of the nominee's current congregation

  • Nominee's Occupation

  • Nominee's Address (if available)

  • Nominee's Email

  • Nominee's Phone Number​

Any additional instructions can be found on each form as you are filling them out. 

*All personal information collected will be securely saved and permanently deleted when the Convention is over. 

Nominating Procedure
Nomination Form Instructions
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