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Purple Star School

Mountain View Lutheran Church & School

Las Vegas, NV

A Purple Star School is a school that lives its friendliness to the military-connected community, especially the children in that community. It focuses on elements specific to military children who often have to switch schools every 1-3 years or attend an average of nine different schools between K and 12th grade. Mountain View Lutheran (MVL) in Las Vegas is one of only eight schools in Nevada with this designation amongst over 830 public, charter, and private schools. All branches of the Armed Forces, Reserves, and National Guard are served, including active duty and veterans. The program began in Ohio and has been written into legislation for 26 states, with pending legislation in another ten.

The main requirement for a Purple Star School is something that MVL knows every school in the PSD has – a heart for its community, especially the children. Other requirements include facilitating transcript transfer, an active page on the website for families, honoring military kids in some way in April (Month of the Military Child), and having some training, all of which schools can do if they put forth dedicated effort.

The biggest surprises for MVL have been twofold. First, not a single military member of the MVL community knew anything about this program for kids. Second, people outside of the MVL community have reached out to seek ways in which they can partner with the school to help.

Both surprises have allowed for the school to minister to its community in new ways and to integrate this opportunity into the curriculum. Students in grades 3-5 recently began making and coloring cards in their ASL class that will be given to military-connected children at Creech AFB and Nellis AFB during the Month of the Military Child, on birthdays, and such. Students in the preschool were also able to combine this opportunity in lessons on community helpers when a school parent/church member who works for the postal service helped pack a care package that was then shipped to a deployed dad of two of the school's students.

Any school in California or Nevada wanting to make this happen in their school is encouraged to contact MVL School Administrator Kris Schneider. Kris stated, "As a military-connected kid myself, I'll be happy to help in any way I am able."


Join us in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, we give thanks for all the men and women who serve our country. We ask for your protection and blessings over them. We give thanks for Mountain View and its ministry, please continue to bless and use Mountain View for Your work. Amen.


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