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PSD New Teacher Luncheon

In John 15:4-5, Jesus beautifully illustrates the intimate connection between Himself and His followers, likening it to the relationship between a vine and its branches. This metaphor beautifully encapsulates the interconnectedness of faith, teaching, and the transformative power of God's love in the lives of educators. 

Twenty-one first and second-year teachers from eight schools recently gathered at the Pacific Southwest District for the New Teacher Luncheon. Here, we came together to celebrate and honor the journey of each new teacher. 

As Lutheran teachers, they are not merely educators but stewards of God's truth and grace. Their passion for education is deeply rooted in their faith, and a strong calling drives them to integrate their beliefs into their teaching practices. Through their own faith journey, they guide students in cultivating a deeper relationship with God, nurturing their spiritual growth alongside their academic development.

Teaching, however, is not without its challenges. Like branches weathering storms, new teachers face obstacles along their path. Yet, God provides them with strength and resilience, sustaining them through moments of doubt and uncertainty. They draw strength and resilience from God, as branches are strengthened by the vine. We deeply desire that their principals and colleagues also provide prayerful support and encouragement for these new teachers. 

God's love also instills new teachers with compassion and empathy for their students. Like the nurturing care of a vine for its branches, they are called to love and support each student entrusted to their care, recognizing their unique needs and challenges. Through kindness, understanding, and patience, they cultivate a safe and nurturing environment where students feel valued, supported, and empowered to grow. By the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through these new teachers, they are touching hearts, changing lives, and helping shape the future of their students. In doing so, they reflect the transformative power of God's love in the classroom and beyond, embodying the unity and vitality of the vine/branch union.

We praise God for these new teachers and how God has been at work in their lives and their students!


Enable more stories of transformed lives through Jesus

Untold thousands are still in darkness, lost like “sheep that have gone astray”. But this is exactly the mission our Lord has created His Church for – reaching the lost for Jesus’ sake in as many ways as necessary. This is the purpose for which our 300 churches and 150 schools were founded in their many contexts. And “the fields are ripe for the harvest” right now!

Your gifts are critical and enable us to continue and expand our shared work together, fulfilling the PSD mission of effectively resourcing congregations and schools for transforming lives and making the Great Commission REAL!


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We love sharing the work God is doing in our district and would love to share what He is doing in your ministry!


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