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Prayer Quilts for the Children

Prayer Quilts for the Children

Grace Lutheran Church and School

Lancaster, CA

More than 125 quilts were recently given to students at Grace Lutheran School Monday, a gift to honor Jesus' work through His people of Grace for 100 years!

Maxine Show, leader of the Prayers and Squares quilting group, found resources in the sewing cupboards at the church and in members' homes to gather the fun fabric needed and found 15 volunteers to sew.

The project is one of several planned to celebrate Grace Lutheran Church's Centennial anniversary. Beginning in June, the congregation began working to design, cut, sew, and tie a unique prayer quilt for each of the 65 children then enrolled in the school. But they were amazed to learn that enrollment in the school had doubled to 125 children by August. "A miracle to reach so many children," said quilter, Dorothy Bromaghin. "But a lot more quilts to sew!"

On Sunday, Dec. 5, the quilts covered the pews of the entire church, creating a riot of color. "We were able to use really fun fabrics," said Ginny Gillum, "And each quilt is different and fun." Parishioners tied knots on the new quilts, saying a prayer for the children.

On Monday, each class came into the church and was invited to select a quilt of their own. They were told the story of how the project came to be. "I get to keep it for myself? Oh! Thank You!" exclaimed both boys and girls.

Despite there being more than 100 quilts to choose from, each child gravitated to their choice quickly. Some selections were quite touching. A strapping tall young man selected the quilt with kittens, "Because I love kittens," he said. A first-grader looked carefully for the right quilt and was thrilled to find one with lobsters on it. "I just love lobsters!" he said with glee. Another squealed and selected one with horses in a pasture. It took just moments for each child to select their quilt. They posed for pictures with giant smiles.

Teacher Heather Jensen said, "They really picked out ones that match their personality."

"This was a really fun project," said volunteer Jean Daugherty. "We were able to use fun fabrics with bold colors."

All fabric, batting and thread was donated by the congregation. The quilters tied each quilt with knots and showed the school children how they say a prayer as they tie a knot. Families will be sent prayer ideas and samples for use at home. "Each quilt has already had 50 prayers said for you," Diane Grooms, one of the organizers, told the children.

The project was inspired by a workshop related to prayer and purpose led by visiting Pastor Scott Nagy and his wife, Krista. The stack of quilts grew steadily every Monday as the group met to work together. As the holidays neared, the sewing reached fever pitch to be ready in time for Christmas.


Join us in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, We give you thanks for the ministries at Grace Lutheran Church and School. We ask your continued blessings on the members, students, school families, and workers of this church and school. Amen.


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