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Peace Lutheran Church (Pico Rivera)

Recently, Peace Lutheran Church (Pico Rivera) held its Fall Festival. What was different this year is that a grant from the Regional Mission Board allowed us to really expand this event. In addition to the usual Trunk or Treat, we had games and a blow-up obstacle course for the neighborhood kids. We used Facebook ads to generate awareness within the Pico Rivera area, and we had arts & crafts vendors on the campus at the same time. We served free tacos to adults and children during the event. We expected approximately 100-125 people and we had over 350 people. As a side note, we served 1000 tacos!

The following Monday a woman who attended the event came in a registered her two girls into our confirmation class, and we are looking at where to place her 13-year-old for her confirmation instruction. Four unchurched souls brought into fellowship.

Written by: Rev. Mike Grobelch


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