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Old Things Become New

Old Things Become New

Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Havasu City, AZ

When Lamb of God Lutheran Church, Havasu City, AZ was first formed, they were the beneficiary of many items from another Lutheran congregation that helped them as they were getting started. In preparation for their 25th Anniversary Jubilee, they are purchasing new altar and communion ware. This left them with the question of what to do with the old items that still have life in them and could be of use to another congregation.

Cynde Buntemeyer, Chairperson of the Jubilee Committee, heard that maybe the Pacific Southwest District office could offer some advice. Cynde contacted the District through the PSD Enews email address and heard back from Gail Kanneg. She learned the PSD office often helps congregations repurpose old but still useful items by placing a posting in the Weekly Newsletter. “Gail told me that they would post the items for two weeks. I was so sure the items would not be asked for in that time frame that I asked for additional time.” Cynde explained. “But Gail just said to wait and see.” Much to Cynde’s surprise and delight, all the items were asked for within hours of the distribution of the Weekly Newsletter. “Cynde emailed me very excited that all the items had been asked for. I told her that that was what I expected but didn’t want to get her hopes up.” Gail shared. Several times a year items like this are shared in the Weekly Newsletter and the majority of the time, the items are taken by another congregation or Mission Society. In the case of the items from Lamb of God, Cristo Redentor Lutheran Church, Tijuana, Mexico was the beneficiary.

Cynde recalls the day the items were delivered, “My husband Jerry and I drove to Yuma, AZ where we met Pastor Job Jimenez, his sister Sophia Silva and her son, Saul, Jr., to give them all the items. What a blessing it was to be able to help this young church in its mission to spread the Gospel of Christ in Mexico. We were able to donate not just the items we advertised, but much more to them. After loading their truck, we "mugged" them with a couple of our Lamb of God mugs which we give to all visitors to our church.”

Pastor Jimenez shares the joy of receiving these items, “What joy and blessing God has given us to be one in his body, despite borders, distance, language, and culture. Christ has made us one holy body like his church, bought by his precious blood. We are happy to receive this chalice and candlesticks that, after many years of being used to share God's love with his people in Lake Havasu, are now used in Tijuana to proclaim the death and resurrection of Christ.”

Cristo Redentor is a small church with significant challenges and needs. However, the Lord, through His church is providing what is necessary to proclaim His Word. Pastor Jimenez continued, “We praise God for using PSD churches to provide what we need to share God's love in our country.”


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