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No Longer Walking Alone

No Longer Walking Alone

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Tempe, AZ &

Mountain View Lutheran Apache Junction, AZ

Over the last year, the leaders of Beautiful Savior in Tempe have thought about Luke 10 often, where Jesus sends out the 72 in pairs to work together and encourage each other. It illustrates how two really are better than one. So, after seeing other examples of churches partnering within our district, Beautiful Savior wanted to see if something similar could work for them.

Circuit Visitor Rev. Paul Frank began working with Beautiful Savior in December 2019. After soul searching, they determined they were not able to call a full-time pastor. That left some high tensions for the church family there, but with input and ideas from PSD District President Gibson, they began discussing options.

No one was willing to move toward closure without a fight for survival, outreach and even new growth. That desire and fight for a new day turned into hope and excitement, a rediscovering of their identity as workers in Jesus' mission field.

They explored creating a Sister Parish Partnership with Mountain View Lutheran Church in Apache Junction, AZ, a church in their circuit with more resources. Mountain View blessed the new partnership by dedicating their Associate Pastor Tim Anderson toward this mission outreach. Pastor Tim shares, "When I first got to Phoenix, I had a meeting with a circuit Pastor who told me that, 'we want to see you succeed for the sake of the kingdom here.' I felt like I was truly in a place where the congregations around me wanted to walk together. I got in my car that day and cried. I felt like I was in ministry with others, rather than serving Christ out on my own.”

A Beautiful Savior "Revitalization Team" implemented a year one theme of "Get Excited", focusing on their teaching and preaching and ensuring theirs was a church worth inviting their family and friends to. Then they asked, “How is Beautiful Savior known in Tempe? What does Beautiful Savior do?” The answer was plenty - they simply needed to communicate it better. From relationships with local schools and providing clothing, supplies, and toiletries to students in need, to food and support for homeless seniors, much was being done. They sought connections with other Lutheran ministries, understanding the benefit of working together.

Beautiful Savior regained that vision of “walking together” and started asking questions about what Tempe needed from them. Local mailings, community walks during holidays, a neighborhood autumn festival and Christmas caroling, and reconnecting with student ministries at ASU were some of the answers. Now, Beautiful Savior and Mountain View are excited about what's next, seeking the will of God, desiring to make disciples, seeing lives transformed, and moving in the right direction.

When we work together, we are never alone - we celebrate being one in Christ!


Join us in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, thank you for the ministries at Beautiful Savior and Mountain View Lutheran Church. We give thanks for the partnerships you have created that have enabled congregations to find renewed life and purpose. Amen.


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Wow, Praise our Heavenly Father! I was with a small congregation like that in N Idaho, but even though there was a larger congregation offering to step up and walk with us into newness if purpose, most the LCMS members had no interest. It was mostly non-LCMS attendees who were most concerned about the Churches future and were most willing to step out to try to do something about it.

Thank you for your encouraging testimony that congregants in other locations love their congregation and community enough to get up out of their pews and do the work of the Kingdom, little by little.


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