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New PSD Lutheran education venture in Los Angeles area; Todd Moritz to lead

Innovative micro-school concept will provide alternate vocational pathways for high school students while enabling Gospel outreach

The Pacific Southwest District announces the launch of an innovative venture to spread the Gospel through Lutheran education in the Los Angeles area – the establishment of a Lutheran Career and Technical High School network. Mr. Todd Moritz, past CEO of two different large Lutheran high school associations including Orange Lutheran, has accepted the call to lead this effort.

Addressing the realities of a long-term diminished Lutheran education presence in Los Angeles county, the need for alternate life and career options for high schoolers in underserved communities, and the possibility of partnering with underutilized Lutheran church and school properties where revitalized Gospel proclamation could occur, this venture will seek to reach the lost while providing affordable, high quality Lutheran education and career pathways that include trade and technical training. Mr. Moritz commented, “I am honored to lead this worthy effort, firmly believing it could make a big impact in the lives of students, their families and the church. The community will benefit greatly from this.”

The Lutheran Career and Technical High School network will leverage a “micro-school” concept, with 40-60 students maximum, providing opportunities for churches and school to establish new connections with their communities and youth by hosting micro-schools on their campuses. Students will receive high-quality Christian curriculum online, while receiving specific career and vocational training through partnerships with industry, unions and other entities. College preparation will also be available along with trade and technical options, providing pathways that fit student needs.

Please pray for this new venture, for Todd Moritz and the PSD leadership team, and for many to know Jesus through these new schools. Learn more about Lutheran Career and Technical High School network.


Join us in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessing over this new venture of the PSD and give thanks for Todd Moritz and the work you have prepared for him. Give him guidance and wisdom as he leads the launch of the Career and Technical High School of Los Angeles. Amen.


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