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Lutheran Educators Conference

The beautiful Scripture from Ephesians 3 quoted in the right column inspired the theme of the PSD and CNH district’s Lutheran Educators Conference (LEC) Nov. 21-23, held in Palm Desert, CA - "Limitless”. Our God is LIMITLESS, and the limitless love and power of God was evident in all aspects of LEC!

God’s limitless grace was made manifest in the safe travel of almost one thousand participants from Lutheran schools in Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and California. God’s limitless love was evident in the fellowship of over 1000 attendees enjoying, learning, growing, and networking with each other.

God’s limitless strength and comfort was present in the Prayer Room, where conversations and prayers took place as needs and challenges, often seemingly too heavy to bear, were brought to our Limitless Savior, and where answered prayers of praise were posted on the wall.

God was at work as we celebrated 1,640 collective years of faithful Lutheran ministry in the recognition of our 51 Jubilarians, those serving 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 milestone years. We were inspired to a standing ovation as we celebrated God’s limitless grace in the life of Linda Gardiner, teacher who has served for 60 years at a single school in the district!

God was at work in the 1000+ hearts, minds and voices lifted in praise to our limitless God in worship, in the amazing and inspirational testimonial videos created for our Educators of the Year, and in our presenters as they passionately gave of themselves to provide rich content for all in attendance.

One of our Lutheran High School teachers shared, “As always, it was a true joy to be in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ." Another teacher stated, “This conference provided the joy I needed to refresh me. It checked all the boxes for me! Fellowship, learning, restoration.” God mightily at work to restore and refresh with His limitless might!

God continues to be at work powerfully in the Lutheran schools of the Pacific Southwest District as, each day throughout this Advent and Christmas season (and every day), our educators, pastors and DCEs are boldly sharing the love and light of Christ with their students and families.

We serve a God who is LIMITLESS in His power, might, wisdom, love, and mercy.


Join us in Prayer

Dear Gracious Lord, We give you thanks and praise for all whom you have placed to serve in the PSD! We ask you to continue to pour out your limitless love and blessings on all who share the Good News that is Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Amen.


PSD School Ministries

Our purpose is to be connected in Christ and connected with each other by building and maintaining God-focused relationships.

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We love sharing the work God is doing in our district and would love to share what He is doing in your ministry!


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