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Ladies That Lunch

Ladies That Lunch

Have you ever heard the phrase “ladies that lunch?” It is often used to describe "high society" women who meet for social luncheons and bond over shared circumstances and lifestyles. Pastor’s wives would not normally be thought of fitting into the category of “ladies that lunch.” However, during the Pacific Southwest District Pastors’ Conference every year, ladies in attendance gather and lunch together in an event every bit as enjoyable.

Kathy Gibson, wife of PSD President Mike Gibson and host of the luncheon, explains the event like this: “The goal for the Ladies Luncheon is to provide a relaxed opportunity for the ladies of our District to get to know one another and to be encouraged and uplifted in their ministry journey as a pastor’s wife. The food is always great, and our speakers share wonderful stories of God’s work in their lives and ministries.”

This year, the speaker for the Ladies Lunch was Kedma Wenz, wife of Pastor Paul Wenz who serves at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Santa Barbara, CA. Kedma, originally from Brazil, has spent her whole life as a musician/singer using her God-given talents to bring attention to important social causes. The causes she supports are as varied as the musical styles and languages she speaks. Kedma is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English and she shared her experiences with the ladies as she sang, spoke, and encouraged everyone to “take your eyes off your belly button.” In other words, look up and see where God wants you to serve. Referencing Elijah in 1 Kings 17, Kedma’s words reminded the ladies that God will use what we have, our "oil" and "flour", for His work and His glory. (Enjoy some of Kedma's music here.)

Lutheran Church Extension Fund has been the sponsor of the Ladies Luncheon for several years. “Each year brings more ladies and another inspirational speaker. We are so thankful that we can provide this event for the pastors’ wives in thanks for their ministry as they support their husbands in the place they have been called to serve,” said Gail Kanneg, LCEF Administrative Assistant.

Both Kathy and Gail are extremely thankful to Kelly DeJongh, PSD Administrative Assistant and Kimberly Meeks, Administrative Assistant at Christ Lutheran Church, Yuma, AZ for their creative spirit and hard work helping to put together this luncheon. Together, they strive to create a truly enjoyable experience for the ladies. God is most definitely at work bolstering the spirit, inspiring action, and bonding these ladies to each other as they lunch together.


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