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God @ work through water and Word

Orange Lutheran High School, Orange, CA

In 1973, a group of visionary leaders opened a new Lutheran high school they believed would stand the test of time, and their confidence in a God of miracles led to the opening of Orange Lutheran High School. Of course, the PSD is filled with strong, faith-filled, and Christ-centered schools, and what God does in these places is significant, transformative, and life-changing.

It is customary for Lutheran schools to celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week. Orange Lutheran High School is one of those schools. During this week, they schedule a Baptism service. Notices are posted around the campus, inviting those interested in baptism to reach out to Pastor Tim Detviler, the Campus Pastor. In November, he noted that six students completed a Baptism interest form. Historically, 50 -75% of the students baptized won't indicate any interest in baptism until the first two weeks of January. Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mary Scott exclaims, "we were excited to hear about how the Holy Spirit led our students and their families!"

Not all students expressing interest follow through with baptism at Orange Lutheran. Some are counseled to be baptized at their local congregations, and some prefer a private baptism service. At their Baptism Service on January 25, 2022, they welcomed two students into the family of God. An additional ten people in the Lancer community will be baptized at their churches or private ceremonies. Twelve people! Praise be to God our Father for His incredible work through the ministry of OLu. This story is told in many schools around the district.

God is always at work! The past 23 months have not been easy for families, students, teachers, staff, and campus leaders. When the meetings get long, the emails seem unending, the Zoom connection is faulty, the care for students or colleagues becomes burdensome, the mandates seem endless, God shines through simple water and words to perform uplifting miracles.

Next year, Orange Lutheran High School will celebrate 50 years of ministry. So much has changed about the school in 50 years, but one thing remains the same, a Lutheran school pointing people to Jesus! Dr. Scott explained, "We see a world that needs the Christ-centered, transformative ministry that Orange Lutheran High School provides. The mission of the Lutheran High School of Orange County is to 'help students internalize the Gospel message of salvation in Christ Jesus.' We do not do this alone. We serve in ministry alongside our churches, elementary schools, and other PSD high schools. We seek to live out the mission in ways our English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese students understand. We bring ministry to the churched, the unchurched, the athlete, artist, and scholar. We do it blessed by a God of miracles! To Him be the Glory!"


Join us in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, we give thanks for Orange Lutheran and all the schools in the PSD. We give You praise for the many students that come to know You and are baptized through these schools. We lift up the students that do not yet know You and ask that You use our PSD schools as vessels to bring Your saving grace to these students and their families! Amen.


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Our purpose is to be connected in Christ and connected with each other by building and maintaining God-focused relationships.

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