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God @ Work at Christ-LA

Christ Lutheran Church, Los Angeles, CA

A lot has been going on at Christ Lutheran Church in Los Angeles! Blessed to be moving forward consistently in their efforts to come alongside God in His mission to restore all to Himself, they are experiencing the Holy Spirit working and adding to their numbers! Recently, the congregation celebrated a new person accepted into membership (William Bolden), and a child (Jeanvieve Bruneau) baptized into the Kingdom of God! They also celebrated a day of music and food during their 2nd annual music festival. Vicar Kirk Bauer, who has been serving Christ-LA as part of a PSD partnership , exclaims, “It’s been a busy summer! Our festival was open to the community as a way for the church to connect with locals. The music was awesome as we had Rory Seldon with his band Inner Session, Nicholas Miller, The Chris Miller Band, JDM Quartet, and students from the Watts-Willowbrook Conservatory. A good time was had by all!”

The church has also established an outreach program to the youth in their community of Chesterfield Square named Kingdom Warriors. This program is designed to teach kids the Christian faith and includes fitness and martial arts as the tool to do so. Vicar Bauer says, “We have some of the equipment needed and hope to begin offering classes soon. This effort is in coordination with the Cross Cultural Ministry Program at Concordia Irvine. I have completed my first year and the planned new ministry start will grow along with me as I progress through the curriculum. The goal is to grow this outreach to necessitate opening a separate academy in the area. Please pray for the success of this ministry.”

Vicar Bauer continues, “On a personal note, I am very happy to finally be in the Cross Cultural Ministry Program. The first two semesters have been tough academically but I am learning so much and the men I am forming bonds with are all strong servants of God. We have so many different cultures and personalities in this group. In June we were all together on campus for a Summer Intensive and we were able to get to know each other better. I am looking forward to next Summer as we will be on campus at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis for the intensive. Please pray for me to be continually strengthened by the Holy Spirit in all these efforts.”

Join in praising God for all He is doing in and through the saints at Christ-LA!


Support Kingdom Warriors

If anyone would like to donate financially to our youth community outreach effort, please make the check out specifically to:

Kingdom Warriors

Christ Lutheran Church Los Angeles

1966 Concordia Walk

Los Angeles, CA 90062


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