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Office of National Mission Tours the PSD

Where might a mission tour of the Pacific Southwest District take you? That question was recently answered for visitors from the LCMS Office of National Mission. Rev. Dan Galchutt, Executive Director of National Mission, and Dcs. Dr. Tiffany Manor, Managing Director of Human Care and Ministerial Support and Director of Life Ministries, spent six days in February visiting the churches, schools, and workers of our district. Their intent was to not only learn the unique aspects of serving the Southwest, but to better discern resources which may impact the ministries of our district. National Mission’s work within Synod includes church planting and revitalization, worker wellness, schools, youth, worship, and stewardship. 


Our guests learned about the impact of congregational mergers from Hope-San Diego, CA, Victory-Chula Vista, CA, and Christ, Costa Mesa, CA. They encountered revitalization at Pilgrim-Santa Monica, CA and Holy Cross-Scottsdale, AZ. They saw the influence of our schools at Faith Lutheran Middle and High School and Faith Community-Las Vegas, NV, Crean-Irvine, CA and LuTEC High School-Norwalk, CA. Their time in Las Vegas included a roundtable discussion with church workers from that area who shared some of the realities of serving in this region of the country. These workers also highlighted personal wellness, including the desire for more mental and emotional health resources. 


Our guests noted some key areas during their visit: 


  • Mission Commitment: Experiencing a breadth of communities and ministries, they saw how each was committed to identifying mission opportunities. That was happening through the creation of micro-schools and mission societies, the redevelopment of properties, and so much more. Our partners at Risen Savior-Chandler, AZ detailed their intentional intergenerational ministry among community churches which often focus on either older or younger members.


  • School Emphasis: Recognizing the PSD has more schools than any other district gave them a fuller appreciation for the way schools impact so many of our ministries and are a leading component of our mission work.


  • Intentional Encouragement: Listening to many workers, they heard appreciation for a district in which people are encouraged to attempt new things in ministry and the support they feel from district staff. They also commented on the camaraderie and relationships fostered by the district team. 


Rev. Galchutt commented, “We talk about ‘God’s Mission Here,’ not to refer to what is done in St. Louis, but to highlight the work God is doing all over North America. That’s why it was such a joy to be with the people of the Pacific Southwest District and wonderful to learn how the mission is being carried out from San Diego to Phoenix. I thank God for the time I was able to spend with the district staff and for the work being done to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all.” 


Enable more stories of transformed lives through Jesus

Untold thousands are still in darkness, lost like “sheep that have gone astray”. But this is exactly the mission our Lord has created His Church for – reaching the lost for Jesus’ sake in as many ways as necessary. This is the purpose for which our 300 churches and 150 schools were founded in their many contexts. And “the fields are ripe for the harvest” right now!

Your gifts are critical and enable us to continue and expand our shared work together, fulfilling the PSD mission of effectively resourcing congregations and schools for transforming lives and making the Great Commission REAL!


Share Your Story

We love sharing the work God is doing in our district and would love to share what He is doing in your ministry!


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