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Harmony Across Borders:The Musical Mission Connecting San Diego and Tijuana

In the spirit of unity and cross-border collaboration, December marked the inception of a heartwarming partnership between ministries in San Diego, USA, and Tijuana, Mexico. This partnership symbolized by a significant event where Missionary André Monari, founder of a Portuguese-speaking ministry in San Diego, met with Lutheran Pastor Job Jimenez of Iglesia Luterana Cristo Redentor in Tijuana. The purpose of this visit was to deliver musical instruments and to impart knowledge through a master class on guitar.

The donated instruments, a generous contribution from several PSD churches and individuals, have found a new purpose. They are now instrumental in music classes aimed at engaging children and young people in the community surrounding the Lutheran church. This initiative is not just about teaching music; it's about reaching out to the youth, offering them a creative outlet, and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of belonging and community.

Iglesia Luterana Cristo Redentor stands as a beacon of hope in Tijuana. As a member of the Lutheran Synod of Mexico and in full communion with the LCMS, the church has been steadfast in its mission. Led by the youthful vigor of Pastor Job and his team, they have been unwavering in their efforts to spread the gospel in a region that greatly benefits from such dedication and faith. The church's potential as a partner for missionary endeavors south of the border is immense and undeniable.

The ongoing work and developments of this vibrant church can be followed through their newsletters and social media presence, particularly on their Facebook page.

Parallel to this, the Portuguese ministry under the leadership of the talented musician André Monari is blossoming. As part of the innovative PSD 100 in 10 initiative, this ministry is taking root at Bethany Lutheran Church in Ocean Beach. Its primary mission is to serve the Brazilian immigrant community in San Diego County. Through weekly worship services and Bible studies, the ministry provides a spiritual home for those far from their native land. For those interested in witnessing the growth and impact of this ministry, updates are regularly posted on their Instagram page.

The bond between André and Pastor Job is a testament to the power of shared vision and collective effort. Their partnership, nurtured by the Lutheran Missionary Society in San Diego, is a shining example of how faith can transcend borders, bringing together communities in fellowship and purpose.


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