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God Arranged the Perfect Meeting

God Arranged the Perfect Meeting

Christ, Boulder City, NV

Nearly 30 years ago Christ Lutheran Church, Boulder City, Nevada, committed to serving their community through a part-time preschool program. Little Lambs Preschool was formed and served the families of their community. In August 2017 when a newly called and ordained Pastor Adam Stetson, his DCE wife Jessica, and their 18-month-old daughter arrived they quickly discovered that the preschool director had retired and that there is no preschool or childcare program in town that takes children under two or children in diapers. Born out of their own need, Jessica got to work on relicensing the part-time preschool into full-time childcare and preschool for ages one and up.

In January 2018, Little Lambs Preschool and Childcare reopened. In less than a year, there was a waitlist. Little Lambs used all available square footage in the building, so Jessica led the charge to begin exploring expansion options and invited LCEF for a consultation. The property where the church has sat since 1951 didn't allow for a building expansion and the properties adjacent to the church were not for sale. For almost four years the church explored options and even partnering with other churches in town in order to support the preschool and school-aged students in Boulder City.

Then on December 3, 2022, God arranged the perfect meeting. Jessica recalls that, “While hosting 1,000 visitors to the Boulder City Christmas Parade and inviting all the Little Lambs families to watch the students perform their Christmas Pageant, I spotted a Little Lambs grandma in the crowd.” This grandma was the listing agent on a beautiful commercial property that was listed way out of the church's price range. This didn't stop Jessica from asking about the listing and discovering that the seller's bank had agreed to a short sale. Soon after, Jessica was on the phone with Tyler Fewins, the PSD LCEF District Vice President. Jessica remembers, "On Monday morning, I told Tyler that we needed a million dollars by Friday.” As outrageous as this sounds, God is faithful. Jessica continues, “Tyler had underwriters working on the project within hours of the ask and a preapproval letter was sent Friday to the bank. Pastor Stetson shared, “The speed at which LCEF worked to get everything done for a 30-day close was phenomenal! All of the parties involved in this were amazed with LCEF. They were blown away by the ease and speed with which they operate. The support we have received from LCEF has enabled us to better serve our community.” Tyler Fewins said, “The story of Little Lambs Preschool is a prime example of God at Work in the PSD! LCEF is blessed to be a part of these stories and to have ministry partners like Christ Lutheran Church.”

On April 11, 2023, Little Lambs Childcare and Preschool moved operations to their new building and grew from a capacity of 36 to a capacity of 80! Throughout this process, Christ Lutheran Church has continually been reminded of God's power, facilitated through a perfect meeting.


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