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Crean Lutheran High SchoolAwarded National Blue Ribbon School Status

Crean Lutheran High School

Awarded National Blue Ribbon School Status

God is mightily at work at Crean Lutheran High School (CLHS) in Irvine. CLHS was one of just 353 schools across America and the only private school in California recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School for 2023. CLHS is the only Lutheran High School in California ever to be recognized, and the only one in America since 1996 to be given this honor and distinction. In 2023, only 0.03% of the 130,000 schools nationwide (353) received this recognition.

“Crean Lutheran High School’s mission is ‘Proclaiming Jesus Christ through Excellence in Education;’ to receive such an honor affirms our commitment to this mission, to our students, and to excellence worthy of Jesus Christ,” Crean Lutheran Principal, Dr. Daniel Moyer said. “CLHS’s students, faculty, and staff are committed to value faithfulness, excellence, stewardship, service, and community. Embracing these areas which we value has guided the Saints family in working unto the Lord.”

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona stated, “The leaders, educators, and staff at our National Blue Ribbon Schools continually inspire me with their dedication to fostering academic excellence and building positive school cultures that support students of all backgrounds to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.”

Founded in 2007 and enduring the Great Recession of 2008 by God’s grace, CLHS has steadily grown and now ministers to approximately 1100 students. The foundational verse of CLHS is 1 Samuel 7:12 – “Thus far the Lord has helped us”, clearly pointing to the Lord’s helping hand from its early days as a fledgling school through challenges and adversity.

The 18-acre main campus and a 12-acre athletic complex that CLHS now calls its home was miraculously purchased with the main buildings on the campus erected during the recession. The school has not only survived but has thrived through the pandemic, providing innovative online education to its students. The school has also thrived through a flood, and a devastating wildfire that came to a screeching halt at the very edge of its campus. Again, the Hand of God continually at work.

CLHS understands that its true strength is in the Lord, and has stood boldly behind the cross and Proclaimed Jesus Christ to all who will listen. Today, Crean Lutheran is full and has a wait list, and excels not only academically, but also athletically and artistically. Indeed, the Lord has showered His good gifts on Crean Lutheran High School! All Glory be to God!

Learn more about how CLHS earned the Blue Ribbon School Status at:


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