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Community Scavenger Hunt Success! - Mountain View Lutheran School

The mission at Mountain View Lutheran School is "Connecting, Sharing & Caring through Christ". Our Pre-Thanksgiving Community Scavenger Hunt helps us bring this to life for our students, staff and families. 

This is an annual event that gets our students, their families and our entire school staff out in the neighborhood surrounding our school to gather donations of Thanksgiving meal items. We go out the last week of school before Thanksgiving break.  That Monday, each class from preschool through grade 5 goes out to their assigned blocks and leaves paper bags (donated by Trader Joe's) with notes attached explaining our event.  On Friday of that same week, each class picks up any items left out in the bags. 

On Friday, November 22nd students and families gathered up all the amazing donations from our surrounding neighborhood. Donated items ranged from bottled water cases, canned food and boxed stuffing to even a few frozen turkeys. Classes competed to bring in the most donations. Each item had an assigned point value:  Turkey = 20 points, case of water = 15, can of vegetables = 1.  The highest scoring class was announced at our school-wide Friendship Soup event held in our gym during lunchtime for all students and families. All of the donations are then picked up by Lutheran Social Services of Nevada to give to families in need during the holiday season. 

Many Thanksgiving meals were donated to Lutheran Social Services of Nevada. However, the shared stories from our neighbors on why they donated helped our students and even adults see what it truly means to be involved with our community.

Story and Pictures provided by:

Michelle Rossmann

School Connections Counselor

Mountain View Lutheran School 


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