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Carols in the Quad

Mt. Calvary Lutheran, Diamond Bar, CA

On December 20, 2023, over 300 Infant through 8th-grade students, faculty, parents, friends, and family gathered in the central quad of the Mt. Calvary Lutheran - Diamond Bar Campus for the annual “Carols in the Quad.” Music Coordinator Mark McCombs led the multitude of voices in familiar carols as well as featured songs from each of the School Advent Programs. Students sang out with unbridled enthusiasm giving praise and joy to their Lord in one unified voice. Mr. McCombs shared, “It’s a time to come together, and joyfully celebrate Christmas through music. It was a very special and wholesome time that will be a highlight for me this year.” During this special event, Pastor Luke Huang welcomed all of the students, faculty, staff, and guests, and Principal Deryl Maxwell read the Christmas story from Luke 2. As he did, he moved around the Quad for each section of the reading. The students were engaged as Mr. Maxwell kept “popping up” in an unexpected new location.

“Carols in the Quad '' is a Mt. Calvary tradition started in 2021. Voices ring out surrounding the Christmas tree in the Quad - from the second-floor balcony to the toddlers sitting near the tree! This tradition inspires Mt. Calvary staff members, as they commented:

  • “It was an enjoyable, community-bonding event that not only had us caroling along but also shared the significance of the season with the Nativity story.” Joseph Siekmann, 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

  • “It made me feel surrounded by the season and like God was looking down and listening. It is nice that it is outside.” Ann Lovell, School Secretary

  • “Cold weather, warm hearts, sing to the Lord with the voice of triumph!” Pastor Luke Huang

Mt. Calvary is a multicultural ministry with the school's ethnic makeup consisting of Chinese (Mandarin), Mediterranean, Egyptian, African-American, Latino, and Caucasian students and families. The “Carols in the Quad'' event erases these lines of ethnicity as the voices come together as one to worship our Lord and Savior. This year’s National Lutheran Schools Week of “Connected,” based on John 15:1-5 where Jesus refers to being the vine and that we are the branches, definitely describes “Carols in the Quad”. It’s an important way our school community is “connected” to one another as they come together to praise the one true God.

“Carols in the Quad” has quickly become “the event” that our students, faculty, staff, and families look forward to each year. Bringing the entire Mt. Calvary community together in one place, with one voice, to sing praises to our Lord is an amazing way to witness to all in attendance!


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