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Back to School in the PSD

Pacific Southwest District School Ministries

Have you scrolled through your social media lately and seen a smartly-dressed child, teen or young adult holding a sign which said, “First Day of Third Grade”, or “First Day of High School,” or “First Day of College”? Rachel Klitzing, Executive Director of School Ministries in the PSD, shares, “I know I have! I LOVE this time of year! I love the start of a new school year…new crayons, new Chromebooks, new shoes, new bulletin boards, new backpacks, crying moms (leaving their Kindergartner at the classroom door), crying preschoolers (going to school for the first time)…crying teachers (yes, summer is REALLY over)! The 2022-23 school year is upon us, and our Lutheran schools in the Pacific Southwest District are open and ready!”

“Bring up your children in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4

SO, why do Lutherans support and sponsor a Lutheran school? Lutherans have established schools in the United States since the 1700’s. The reasons for opening and maintaining these schools has varied across the country and throughout history. All can be traced to six major goals. Some schools will exist for all six reasons, others for two or three of them. Each is a valid reason for the establishment and maintenance of a Lutheran school.

  • To nurture Christian faith

  • To grow in grace and knowledge

  • To teach the Word of God

  • To communicate and establish Christian values

  • To equip for Christian service

  • To reach out with the Gospel to others

This school year started with very good news of strong student retention from last year, and an uptick again in enrollment in most of our schools! Last year we saw enrollment growth of more than 2000 students in our 140 schools. This year, we have already welcomed 143 newly positioned teachers. Out of these, 28 are rostered, Synodically-trained Commissioned Ministers, and 41 are brand-new teachers.

“If ever the church is to flourish again, one must begin by instructing the young.” Martin Luther

Lutheran schools are the bridges to the communities which they serve! Since our schools are “mission outposts,” sharing the love of Jesus Christ is central to everything we say and do. Our faith is integrated across the curriculum. As a result, many children are baptized, and many families join congregations and become active in the life of the church. Recently, a parent with their child in one of our PSD schools stated, “we came for the school and stayed for the church!”

We have an opportunity to share the message with the community in which our schools are located…that Lutheran schools are Christ-centered, academically strong, and respectfully operated. God is powerfully at work in the PSD through our schools.


Join us in Prayer

Gracious Heavenly Father, we give thanks for all our Lutheran schools and ask that you continue to bless them. We lift up all the teachers and students who are now back in school, we ask for your blessing and protection over them.

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.


Share Your Story

We love sharing the work God is doing in our district and would love to share what He is doing in your ministry!

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