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Lutheran Edition

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Inspire. Equip. Resource.

Life-changing discipleship experiences

Rooted - Lutheran Edition is a small group discipleship experience, from a distinctly Lutheran doctrinal and practical perspective. It inspires questions, conversations, and experiences designed to connect people to God, the Church, and their purpose. 

Rooted isn’t simply a Bible study or a book. Through Rooted, people will learn to practice 7 Rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus. Individuals will establish firm roots in the truth of God’s Word through personal study and then come together to discuss and practice what they’re learning in a space where they are safe and known. 

Designed to be facilitated over 10 weeks through a local church or ministry, Rooted will energize existing groups as well as provide a clear pathway for new people to become connected—all while establishing foundational beliefs and practices for life in biblical community.

Churches across the country can now point to a specific place where life transformation is happening. This is because Rooted is presented as a single, clear next step for everyone in your church. Rooted aligns ministries through common language and experience and increases individual engagement.

Rooted-Lutheran Edition participant workbooks and facilitator guides are now available for purchase at the link to the right. We also recommend that congregations interested in learning more about Rooted attend informational webinars delivered by Mariners Church, along with webinars and events focusing on how to effectively launch Rooted.

Register for these events here.


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