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God is good; all the time. All the time; God is good.

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Trinity Lutheran Church and TLC Preschool, Casa Grande, AZ

It is impossible to overestimate the faithfulness of our great God! In just over a year Trinity Lutheran Church and TLC Preschool, Casa Grande, Arizona, went from 8500 sq.ft. on 4.5 acres to a 15,000 sq.ft.building on 4.5 acres. Here is their story.

For some time, both Trinity Lutheran Church and TLC Preschool were experiencing God's exponential growth and were bursting at the seams. The church and preschool were constantly finding new ways to share space, but needed more. About five years ago the ministry bought ten acres of land with the confidence that God would continue to bless the church and preschool. However, with building costs on the rise, building a new facility was becoming a dream that was further into the future.

Almost out of nowhere, the local United Methodist Congregation (UMC) posted in the newspaper that they were going to be selling their property to downsize. God was working!

Members from Trinity read this notice and toured the facility. Could this be the answer to so many prayers? The UMC facility was nearly twice the size of Trinity's current property. After members of Trinity and the UMC congregation gathered around the negotiating table, many thoughts and ideas were exchanged. As a result, Trinity closed escrow on the UMC property in November of 2021. With this exchange, God was able to bless both congregations! The UMC congregation would not have to close their doors and Trinity would have the space they would need. This, however, was just the beginning of the story.

Unfortunately, after many years of declining membership and income the UMC campus (what would be Trinity’s new campus), was in need of massive repairs. In fact, to prepare for a new larger preschool building, Trinity had to gut to the outside walls an entire building. God continued to remain faithful. Despite construction delays, perpetual permitting processes, and waiting for materials, Trinity Lutheran Church and TLC Preschool was able to move onto their new campus this September.

Moving into this new facility has meant a larger sanctuary, a larger preschool, a new fellowship hall, additional meeting rooms, but most importantly it means a greater opportunity to continue the work begun on our old campus. One year ago, we could not have imagined all that God would do. It truly is impossible to overestimate the faithfulness of our God. One of the things we say around Trinity is: “God is good; all the time. All the time; God is good.”

For almost 60 years, Trinity has witnessed the faithfulness of God. Moving to this new campus is not just about a property shift, it is an opportunity to continue to do the good work God has entrusted to them to the Casa Grande community. In both the church and preschool, there is such an ongoing need to bring the love of Christ to the community and to be a place that leads all people into growing relationships with Jesus Christ.


Join us in Prayer!

Gracious Father, we give thanks for Trinity Lutheran Church and TLC Preschool. We ask that you continue to bless and grow their ministries. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen!


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