Multi-Cultural Gathering

As churches and ministries in increasingly multi-cultural contexts, we are faced with the challenge and opportunity of engaging our communities in new ways. In this year's gathering, we have five speakers in unique contexts sharing how they engage their communities with the Gospel and navigate the dynamics of culture. Their stories will stimulate conversation for the entire group to help us think through our own contexts and how we can be more effective in our own ministry settings.

"The Future of the psd is multi-cultural"

Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau

Towards a Multi-Cultural Future


Networking multi-cultural ministries for learning, resourcing, and encouragement.


The Multi-Cultural Ministries Network of the PSD was formed out of conversations between pastors and leaders representing different cultures with a desire to work together through one another’s shared challenges and opportunities. This vision has compelled a number of pastors, leaders, and advocates in multi-cultural ministry to come together to empower the multi-cultural ministries of our district. The MCMN seeks to strengthen the network among the multi-cultural ministries by providing opportunities to learn from one another, resources for ministry and leadership development, and encouragement through fellowship opportunities.