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Congregational Archives

The Archives of the church are the preserved memories of the acts of God working through His people and graciously leading them.  Such remembrance is for our appreciation and encouragment, as we continue in His work, obedient to His command.

The District Archives
If it's information on the District and its congregations that you need, the District Arhives is the place to find it.  The District Archives includes the following:

  • District Information

  • Congregational Information

  • Reference Materials

  • Special Reference Materials


Establishing a Congregational Archive
In order for the memory of each congregation to remain alive and show future generations God's hand of blessings upon it, it is important that the church maintains reliable records and preserves materials about the life of the parish.

In order to keep materials organized and accessible, it is suggested to have a special filing cabinet(s) and space for the Congregational Archives.  Place all identified pictures in acid free sleeves to help preserve them.

Following is a list of items that should be included: 

Congregational Information:

  • Records: Membership, Baptisms, Confirmation, Marriages, Funerals 

  • Names of Church Officers

  • Names of Church Organizations and Officers

  • Dates Organizations were established

  • Congregational Minutes

  • Church Organizations' Minutes

  • History of Congregation

  • End of the Year Reports

  • Constitutions (Dated)

  • Financial Records and Reports

  • Pictures of Pastors (dated and identified)

  • Yearly Statistical Report


Additional Congregational Information:

  • Anniversary Booklets

  • Dedication Booklets

  • Bulletins

  • Installation Folders

  • Newpaper Articles

  • Pictures of Important Events (dated and identified)

  • Church Newsletters

  • Artifacts

  • Documents

School Information:

  • Student & Employee Records

  • Names of Students by Grade Level and Year

  • Names of Graduates and Year Graduated

  • Names and Pictures of Principals and Years Served

  • Names and Pictures of Teachers and Years Served

  • Picture of Students and Special Events (dates and identified)

  • History of School


Questions, please contact Bruce Benne at

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