Regional Mission Councils Mission Grant Information

Message from the Regional Mission Councils

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We are honored to serve you and to be your partners in the mission of our Lord and His Church. We thank you for your work on behalf of the Pacific Southwest District. We see each of you as gifts for the service and mission of our Lord. 

The Regional Mission Council (RMC) is charged with the local distribution of an annual budget allocation from the District Board of Directors. Together with the Mission Executive and in coordination with the District Mission Council, the local RMC will work to coordinate and evaluate the applications of Grantees. The RMC shall have the freedom and authority to distribute three types of funding: Innovation, Incubation, and Impact Grants. 


  • Innovation Grants: (up to $5,000) to spark missional thinking and provide seed funds to experiment in reaching a new community with the Gospel. Examples like starting an ESL class or a pre or after school reading program or launching a new worship service could qualify for an innovation grant.  

  • Incubation Grants: (up to $20,000) to partner with leaders and core groups in order to provide necessary support to new mission endeavors resulting in sustained Christian community. Incubation grants are for building momentum for ongoing programs like a small group ministry, infant care for a pre-school, or beginning work to plant a new church with another culture group.  

  • Impact Grants: (up to $50,000) to offer new mission starts significant funding support to build the systems and capacity necessary for a new congregation, school, or mission agency. As a ministry develops and is now considering building scale, examples might include additional staffing, building renovations, or capital equipment purchases. 


The RMC will look for increasing levels of partnership and sustainability planning with each grant issued. The RMC will continue to provide encouragement and support to all grantees, connection to coaching and mentoring, as well as accountability for the proper use of funds.


Below is the 2021 Mission Grant Application form that you will use to apply for a District grant for this coming year. The Regional Mission Councils hope to make this process positive and productive for you. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please contact the Regional Mission Council chairperson for your region (see the application for more information).  

Important Instructions:



  • Applications must be submitted electronically. Deadline is October 31 – no application will be received after this date.

  • The form is a fillable PDF. Download and complete the form on your computer. When complete, send as an email attachment to the appropriate Regional Mission Council chairperson.

  • Only apply for a mission grant in the region your mission is located. If your mission has locations in multiple regions, apply in those respective regions.

  • Policies and criteria for approving grants is included in the application.


Quarterly Reports

  • Quarterly reports and any other supporting documentation must be submitted electronically before the deadlines as shown on the form. If you do not file your quarterly report, you will not receive your mission grant payment.

  • The form is a fillable PDF. Download and complete the form on your computer. When complete, send as an email attachment to the appropriate Regional Mission Council chairperson.


We pray that God will bless those funds which are allocated, and your efforts to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ!