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Convention Delegates

Pastoral and Lay Delegates

Each rostered congregation in the PSD is entitled, and encouraged, to send one eligible called Pastor and one Layperson as Voting Delegates*. You are also asked to select an Alternate Lay Delegate who would serve in the place of the delegate if, at the time of the Convention, the elected delegate is unable to serve.


All Pastors are expected to attend their District Convention, even if they are not a voting Pastoral Delegate. They are considered Advisory Delegates.


Rostered teachers, DCE’s and other commissioned ministers currently cannot serve as voting lay delegates. They are, however, Advisory Delegates and encouraged to attend. Advisory Delegates provide important perspective and are encouraged to express their opinion by speaking to the convention. In addition, there will be an enhanced role for commissioned ministers during the convention proceedings - more information to come on this.

*Multi-Congregation Parishes are represented at the District Convention by One Voting Pastor and One Voting Lay Delegate, with the congregation not supplying the lay delegate being represented by Advisory Lay Representatives, with a voice, but no vote.

Delegate and Alternate Delegate Credentials

The Lay Delegates Registration is a TWO-PART Process. 


First, the Lay Delegate and the Alternate Delegate must complete the information requested on the forms available below.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that the delegate include their email address.  They will then receive an email directing them to the 2nd part of the process.  The Lay Delegate and the Alternate Lay Delegate will then complete the Delegate Contact Information portion of this 2nd part of registration, and the top portion of the backside, or page 2, the Certification of Credentials.  Delegates will need have this form signed by both the Congregational President or Chairperson and Congregational Secretary. That can be done with electronic signatures or by printing the form and having the leaders sign it. Then the form is turned in to their Pastor.


When your Voting and Alternate Delegates leave you their forms, we ask you to complete the Pastor Evaluation Section on the 2nd page. Please provide specific information about your delegate and the alternate.  Such information is very helpful in selecting floor committees to serve at the Convention. 


Send all forms, the Delegate Certification of Credential Form, the Alternate Delegate forms, and the Pastor Delegate to the District Office, attention BOD Secretary Rev. Richard Burkey.  The deadline to return these credentials is February 18, 2022.  It is most important that you observe this deadline so that all delegates can be listed in our Convention Workbook.


Non-rostered congregations may elect a representative to attend the Convention.  However, such delegates cannot be given the right to vote if the congregation has not been received as a member of Synod (has a constitution approved by the District Board of Directors) prior to the Convention. The final regularly scheduled Board Meeting prior to the convention is scheduled for June 8, 2022.   


If you have any questions as to whether your congregation or pastor is eligible, please contact the District President’s office.