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Happy New Year! January marks a new year and often hope of a renewed beginning and most always a celebration of our physical and Spiritual lives as we look forward to possibilities in Christ.  Sadly, January also marks a grim reminder that we, as a culture, are still struggling to restore a culture of life and the value of life, all life, in our community, our nation and around the world.  January 19 is the day of the National Walk for Life in Washington DC. Local marches are being held in Los Angeles and San Diego on January 20. Many congregations are holding events and raising awareness within their own ministry context.  I want to encourage all of us to do more this year to uphold the Sanctity of Life.


First of all, Pray: Prayer is a powerful tool and can do so much for ourselves and our communities.

Second, Study: Take time to educate ourselves about the many facets of Life Ministry and how it affects everyone. Raise our awareness regarding the topics and be prepared to join in conversation.

Third, Look Around: Train your eyes to see what is around you, and who is around you.

Fourth, Get Involved: Be intentional about making a difference. Simple things such as such as volunteering to support pregnancy centers in your community such as fundraising, diaper drives, knitting baby hats and booties, and many other ways. Encourage them in their work by letting them know you care. Getting involved with Hospice groups that are favorable with the end of life positions that are Scripturally sound. Use their resources to educate the members of your families and your congregations. Host a Bible Study about Life and share what you have learned with others. Join in or establish through your church a Healing Ministry for those who are struggling with the impact of decisions made and now regretted. 

Most of all, Encourage your Pastor to host a Sanctity of Life Sunday and take advantage of the many resources available through Lutherans For Life and LCMS Life Ministry.


Please let us know what you may be doing so that we can pray for you, promote your work, and assist you if we can. And if you are looking for where to start, we are here to help.



What’s in your neighborhood? – Let us know so we can share.




The Ultrasound Education Project brings the miracle and sanctity of human life into the middle-school and high-school classroom through the use of ultrasound technology. the project includes six modules and a video. Classroom activities can cross over into several disciplines, including science, math, language arts and religion. 


Do you have students in the 5th grade or older?  Have you heard about "Owen's Mission" from Lutherans for Life?

Do you want to know how your school can receive a free resource and curriculum to use in your school?  Life Ministries goal is to equip each LCMS school in our district with this free resource. Contact Rev. Bill Baker to arrange for this free resource and presentation.

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