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Following are some questions and resources for your church about responding to COVID-19.


live-streaming and online giving resources

Live-Streaming Licensing Options

  1. CCLI – Streaming License

  2. WORSHIPCast – CCS – Is currently offering a 10% discount for any new WORSHIPcast streaming licenses purchased now through 4/30/20 with code STREAM10.

  3. ONE LICENSE is offering gratis licenses to help cope with COVID-19 challenges, valid through April 15. Use code “CRVS20”.

  4. Concordia Publishing House is offering a limited promotional license for Lutheran Service Builder so you can have temporary access to the Lutheran Service Builder for streaming your services. Start today at License Agreement & Terms

Online Giving

GiveCloud from Lutheran Federal Credit Union - a comprehensive online giving solution

5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

Online giving for congregations from Vanco

Church Giving Tools from Kindrid

Giving by check, cash

  • Communicate with your congregation to continue their stewardship as best they can.

  • Ask congregants who do not want to use online giving options to drop off offerings at your office or mail them.

It is important to remember that when streaming to sites like Facebook and YouTube you are not in control of the content after it is posted. This has led to videos being removed by glitches in the systems or due to copyright issues. A best practice is to record your live streams and save them in another location that you have control over like your own website, storage device, or cloud storage.  

Note: Inclusion of any vendor in this resource is for informational purposes and does not an imply an official endorsement by the Pacific Southwest District of the products and services they offer.


devotional meditations

Devotions, prayers and other thoughts will be added here as they are supplied to us.

Pastor Chuck Brady on Proverbs 3, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."


Ideas for worship while in-person gatherings are suspended

Below are creative ideas for worship to edify and encourage congregants while in-person gatherings may be restricted or suspended:

  • Record and post message on YouTube. If a lockdown occurs, it may not be possible to gather music leaders and others to conduct a live-stream. See Worship At Home worship folder for example.

  • To encourage small gatherings, have a rotating 20 minute chapel service every 30 minutes beginning at 8:00 AM and continuing until 11:00 AM. Install a low power FM radio transmitter that will broadcast the same 20 minute chapel services into the parking lot for those who don't feel comfortable coming inside. Include live stream so people can watch at home..

  • You can “do” Easter anytime you want. Declare your first Sunday back in person to be the grandest Easter ever - coming out of our tombs, Jesus has risen!! 

  • Live-stream worship but offer a drive-thru private communion (just like you would do in someone's home or the hospital) during a designated time period. For example, live-stream worship from 8:00-9:00am with drive-thru communion on your campus from 9:15-10:00am.

  • Identify all active members over 70 and be in touch with them via phone and email. Some do not have the basic resources or supplies,  others were able to rush out to the store and horde for themselves. Connecting with these folks is important as many are sheltering in place.

  • Pre-record a weekly service and make available on your website by midday Saturday.  Include your bulletin on the website too so congregants can print out and worship along at home. Figure out who doesn't have a computer them the service and sermon. 

  • If in-person gatherings remain suspended through Holy Week and Easter, upload one of your best Easter services from years past to your website for worship.  With a prerecorded greeting to fit this moment, you'll see dozens of faces you know singing in the choir and dozens you know sitting in the Easter people will need to see more than just us ministry staff.

  • IF WITHIN HEALTH DEPARTMENT REGULATIONS, possibilities include for Holy Week hosting 5 minute short order Confession/Forgiveness communion services FOR FAMILY UNITS that would be RSVP google doc calendar driven. They'd be asked not to come more than 15 minutes early, stay in vehicle until a few minutes before their appointment. Have two stations: one in Narthex to enter directly, and one in chancel and entrance campus via another entrance. Once finished don't hang around but exit immediately. If possible multi household family units join together IF 6 are scheduled every hour at each station including known multi household family units 300-400 households Mon-Fri of Holy Week could be communed.  

  • Provide sermons on your webpage as an audio podcast just prior to your normal worship event – also provide a bulletin in pdf format along with sermon notes so that families can print them off and use them for worship and then click on the message and hear the sermon where it would fall in the worship service.  

  • For easier mass communication with your congregation, especially if you have older folks who may be more amenable to phone communication and unfamiliar with computer technology, consider a communication tool like CallMultiplier. CallMultiplier makes it easy for congregations to quickly share information via an automated church phone tree to maximize member involvement, operate prayer chains, and more. 

handling renters of your facilities/property during the covid-19 crisis

Many churches rent a portion or their entire property to different types of tenants. You may have questions regarding how to deal with these situations as your tenants may be experiencing lessened ability to pay rents, have had to close, reduce operations. etc. The following guidance was provided by Foundry Commercial, the PSDs real estate management partner.

  1. Due to this fluidity, Landlords cannot commit to any long term changes in lease agreements that permanently change the rent structure. 

  2. If you Tenants feel their situation warrants a temporary change in rent, Tenants should provide the following to you as the Landlord.

  • Description of how the Covid-19 virus is impacting their organization.  Please include all efforts to date to minimize impact such as staffing changes, reduced hours, etc.

  • Description of  how the Tenant is adapting their organization to the changing environment to find alternate revenue sources or ways to reach customers

  • What is their path and recovery timeline based on information to date

  • The specific rent relief being requested

  • Detailed Income statement for the YE 2019 and YTD 2020

  • Prior 2 years Tax returns for both the Tenant entity and any guarantors

  • Current Financial Statement of the Tenant entity and any Guarantors

  • # of current operating locations


You will need to pick and choose from this list to reflect your Tenants, as applicable.


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