Care and Compassion for Our Neighbors

We are also concerned for our neighbors and want to offer Christ’s compassion to them. As more information becomes available, and if the need presents itself, we will know specific ways that we may serve our neighbor. It may be that your building can be used as an immunization center. Consider what you would need to do if that were to happen. How you can continue to serve individuals and families that you currently serve? For example, if you support a soup kitchen, meals on wheels, or have a food ministry program, how might you reshape it so that these needed services may continue?

During times of great stress and discomfort, people will turn to the church for comfort. It may be that you can provide daily devotionals on-line, or prayers through your website, or encouragement on Facebook. Be open to the ways that Holy Spirit might use you to bring hope and calm into a moment of chaos and fear.

See also "Loving Our Neighbor in a Time of Pandemic" from Concordia University - Irvine.

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