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The All Workers Conference worship service will stream live to all participants beginning at 3:15 PM PST (4:15 PM in AZ) on Monday, November 23rd. 

Christ Lutheran Church and School, Costa Mesa will host the worship service.  Sr. Pastor Drew Ross will lead the service and President Mike Gibson will serve as the preacher.

Scripture readers will represent all our church workers: Rev. Doug Johnstone, Pastor and Missionary Emeritus; Maddy Haase, DCE from Christ, Greenfield; and Stephanie Coffin, 2nd Grade Teacher at Mountain View Lutheran School, Las Vegas.


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The Lord’s Supper

The streaming worship service will not include Holy Communion.  We are encouraging churches, schools, and watch locations to share the Lord’s Supper together in those local settings after the conclusion of the online service.  Please ask one of the local pastors to serve as the officiant.  The PSD Communion Policy prepared in partnership with the CTCR is provided below. The worship service concludes the conference for the day.

God’s Word teaches the real presence of Christ’s body and blood invisibly in, with and under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins and the strengthening of our union with Christ and with one another. We take seriously the spiritual care of those who commune at our altar. God intends this gift for His baptized children who recognize and repent of their sin, trust in Christ as their Savior and desire to live for him alone and join together in joyfully confessing the faith confessed at this altar. Any who are not yet instructed, in doubt, or who hold a confession different from this, and yet desire to receive the sacrament, will first want to speak with one of the pastors before communing.  (Prepared in consultation with CTCR staff and builds on the CTCR’s model Communion Card statement. 09/2019)



This year's offering will go to help those who have been affected by disasters in the PSD!

You can give 1 of 3 ways (see instructions below): Online, Text-To-Give, or Check.




Text "AWC" and Amount (ie. AWC $10)

to 855-931-3232



Payable to “Pacific Southwest District”, marked “AWC Disaster Relief”

Mail to: 1540 Concordia Drive, Irvine, CA 92612

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