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Interested in All Workers Conference Host Sites? Here’s what it’s about!

The 2020 All Workers Conference online format doesn’t mean personal engagement isn’t possible. We pray that groups of pastors, educators, DCEs, music directors, and more will safely gather at host sites, providing participants with the opportunity to engage around content and to enjoy the fellowship of others.  Larger church/school staffs may want to stay on campus and become their own host site, inviting others in their area to join them per their county's guidelines.


Basics of being a host site:

Purpose of host sites

While the pandemic has required us to pivot to online delivery of the conference, there are still opportunities for people to safely get together for discussion, equipping fellowship, growth, and refreshment based on local health guidelines. Host sites provide this opportunity as a local gathering place to experience the All Workers Conference together.



Monday, November 23rd will feature our keynote presentations and worship, so this is the ideal day to be together at a host site. Tuesday, November 24th will feature dozens of recorded workshops that you’ll be able to attend individually on-demand. Groups may decide to gather for specific workshops for discussion and interaction with each other; these workshops will be available to view through February 2021, however.


Host Site Setup

What is required to be an All Workers Conference host site? Three main elements are needed: place, technology, and connection time:



  • Space: Set up a space to watch the sessions together that is optimal for small group conversations. Worship with communion will also occur in this space; a pastor will need to be present to serve the Lord’s Supper.

  • Food: Plan for keeping everyone going through the conference with beverages, prepackaged snacks, etc. Meals may be provided or you may communicate that attendees are on their own for meals.

  • Communication: Ensure attendees can find your meeting space, restrooms, etc., and understand social distancing and other guidelines for your facility.



  • Screens & Speakers: Ensure adequate screen size and speakers so everybody can see and hear.

  • Test equipment: Stream will be live prior to the conference start with a countdown clock so you can test that things are working well. The best practice is to use equipment that you’re familiar with and that you know is working well.

  • Streaming Speed: Ideally you’ll want a minimum of 12 Mbps down. (You can test your speed at a site like


Connection Time

  • Facilitate Discussion: Review the schedule together. Plan to compile discussion questions during presentations and facilitate interaction as a large group or in small groups. Encourage attendees to capture key learnings or ideas they would like to discuss.

  • On-Demand Content: Take a look at the workshops and talk about ways to engage with this content and discuss it.


We are compiling information about the host sites that will be available to attend in our various locales.

If you’d like to be a host site, please let us know by sending us an email at

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